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Summer Deity DarshanSummer Deity Darshan
Published On: March 31, 2022

Weekly Prasādam Distribution in Vṛndāvana Dhāma on the Parikramā Mārga

Every week we are engaged in prasādam distribution and Harināma to the pilgrims in Vṛndāvana Dhāma. Rich and poor alike come to honour the prasādam of Gaura Gāndharvikā Govinda-sundara and Girirāja. We regularly post about this on the aśrama facebook page here.

Many thanks to the generous donors that help make this service happen. If you would like to donate towards this service you can do so here.

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Ashram Flood Aftermath

September 1, 2023|

Aftermath of the Vrindavan floods in Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram. Thanks to all the donations, we've begun major repairs on our walls, rooms and other areas of the ashram damaged in the flood.