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Welcome to Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram, a spiritual oasis located in the holy city of Vrindavan. This ashram was founded by Śrīla B.G. Narasiṅgha Mahārāja in 1990 and later reestablished by his godbrother, Śrīla Bhakti Kiśora Āraṇya Mahārāja, and disciples of Narasiṅgha Mahārāja in 2020. Our ashram is dedicated to spreading the teachings and ideals of our gurus through multimedia, the example of simple living and high thinking and the yuga-dharma of hari-nāma saṅkīrtana. Read more…

Essays on Gauḍīya siddhānta, history and culture.

Continuing with our series of articles, this week Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahārāja speaks about the significance of Rādhā-Dāmodara Temple and Śrīla Prabhupāda’s bhajana-kuṭīra. Mahārāja also relates his own personal experiences in serving Śrīla Prabhupāda at Rādhā-Dāmodara Temple. This article was compiled from various talks Mahārāja gave in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

By Published On: December 1, 202313.7 min read

This is the first part in a series of articles for Krishna Talk where Śrīla B.G. Narasiṅgha Mahārāja talks about various holy places. Our first article begins with the pastimes and philosophical significance of Imlitalā. This article was adapted from a number of talks that Mahārāja gave in the 1990s.

By Published On: November 24, 202312.3 min read

The following article is based upon a talk by Śrīla B.G. Narasiṅgha Mahārāja given in 1998. Mahārāja discusses Śrīla Prabhupāda’s position as a śaktyāveśa-avatāra (empowered incarnation) of Nityānanda Prabhu and connects this to his withdrawal from this mortal world in 1977.

By Published On: November 17, 20238.2 min read

Sajjana – Satya-sāra (A Devotee is the Epitome of Truth) was written by Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura Prabhupāda and published in Sajjana Toṣaṇī, Vol. 20, Issue 4 in 1917. Continuing with his elaboration on the twenty-six qualities of a devotee, Sarasvatī Ṭhākura discusses what is relative and absolute truth.

By Published On: November 10, 20237.6 min read

This article was first published in 1897 in Sajjana Toṣaṇī Vol.8, Issues 6, 7, 8 and 11 and was written by Śrī Nitya Sakha Mukhopadhyāya, an associate of Bhaktivinoda Thakura who lived in Balasore, Orissa. In his autobiographical letter, ‘Svalikhita Jīvanī, ’Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura wrote about this famous event wherein he brought a bogus avatāra to justice in 1871. However this account by Nitya Sakha Mukhopadhyāya is undoubtedly the most detailed version of the incident. It is not known whether the author was personally present or if Bhaktivinoda himself had narrated it to him in detail. Throughout the article, the author refers to Bhaktivinoda as ‘Deputy Babu’ denoting his government position as the Deputy Magistrate of Jagannātha Purī. It is possible that, out of humility, the Ṭhākura had requested the author not to mention his name.

By Published On: October 26, 202344.9 min read

From Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram

Pursuant to Śrīla A.C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda's final desire to be taken around Govardhāna hill, Śrīpada B.K. Āraṇya Mahārāja was inspired to do kīrtana parikramā on his disappearance day.

Published On: November 20, 2023

Prasādam distribution and Harināma at Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram for the beginning of the month of Kārttīka.

Published On: November 3, 2023

On the auspicious day of Śrī Rādhāṣṭamī, Gauranga Vani Publishers is happy to announce the publication of a new book - ‘Gītāmṛtam - The Nectar of Bhagavad-gītā” with Illuminations by Śrīla Śrīdhara Deva Gosvāmī Mahārāja.

Published On: September 23, 2023

On the morning of the 21st of September, 2023, Śrīpāda Bhakti Kiśora Āraṇya Mahārāja accepted Shivam Singh as his first disciple. Mahārāja awarded him Hari-nāma initiation and he is now known as Shivam Dāsa.

Published On: September 22, 2023

Recently two cows and a bull calf joined the ashram goshala from Haryana and our cow Chitra had a new baby calf. Check out the photo gallery.

Published On: September 22, 2023
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