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Kalki Dāsa Adhikārī was born in Chicago in 1993 and met his guru, Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahāraja in 2015. He studied music at DePaul University for four years before moving to Vermont in order to serve his spiritual master. Besides his musical abilities, Kalki also has a penchant for ancient history and philosophy. Kalki Dāsa is married to Mañjarī Devī Dāsī, both of whom reside and serve at the Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram in Vṛndāvana.

Articles by Kalki Dāsa

Ātma Samīkṣā – The Value of Introspection

In this article, "Ātma Samīkṣā – The Value of Introspection" Kalki Dāsa highlights the importance of introspection in the life of a devotee and especially in relation to the worldly environment that surrounds us. He also explains how transcendental sound influences our capacity to introspect.

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Frogs in the Well of Prejudice

In "Frogs in the Well of Prejudice' Kalki Dāsa shares a recent experience he had in Śrī Vṛndāvana-dhāma and asks the unusual question, “Are we humans, or are we frogs?” Are we doomed to continuously return to our deep, dark mental wells of prejudice, or is there a way out?

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“Here Be Dragons!”

In 'Here Be Dragons!' Kalki Dāsa explores the mythical fire-breathing monsters of yore, and discovers that although these creatures are present within many different ancient cultures, the dragon prototype seems to be found in the Vedic literature.

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Lost Ancient Technology

In 'Lost Ancient Technology' Kalki Dasa argues that the technology of ancient civilisations such as Vedic India may have been more advanced than is currently believed, and that this idea has been dismissed by establishment science due to biases and a belief in linear evolution under the sway of Eurocentricism.

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“Can I Dovetail It?”

In 'Can I Dovetail It?' Kalki Dāsa explores the common notion amongst devotees of 'dovetailing' - using everything in Kṛṣṇa's service, and asks "Are such things really pure devotion, or are we simply attached to fulfilling our desires and using Kṛṣṇa as an excuse?"

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The Great Flood – Are Manu and Noah the Same Person?

In 'The Great Flood - Are Manu and Noah the Same Person?' Kalki Dasa explores the ancient flood myths from around the world and particularly those from ancient India and Mesopotamia. This article finds the connection between all these stories and a common source from which they may have originated - as well investigates whether or not this ancient flood actually occurred.

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Zarathustra and The De-evolution of Theism

In 'Zarathustra and The De-evolution of Theism' Kalki Dāsa narrates the ancient Purāṇika story of Jaraśastra of India and how he brought monotheism to the west through his new religion which became known as Zoroastrianism. Kalki also shows correlations between Zoroastrianism and the other Abrahamic religions.

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