Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram Flood 2023Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram Flood
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Published On: September 1, 2023

Aftermath of the Vrindavan floods in Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram.

As many of you may already know we had some major flooding in Vrindavan at the beginning of the rainy season. We gave some details in an ashram news update, newsletter and facebook page. Thanks to all the donations we’ve been doing a lot of major repair work in the ashram.

The new wall is halfway done at this time – it is a poured reinforced concrete wall with a brick top to withstand future flooding. We will back-fill earth behind it to give it more strength. The worst effected of the rooms that had structural issues (cracked walls and ceilings) has had part of the roof removed and remade and several other rooms are being worked on currently. We’ve had to make a roadway from the gate to the area where the wall construction is going on for tractors with construction materials to get through.

The garden has been devastated by the flooding with all the lemon trees and many other bushes and plants succumbing to root rot. As the construction comes to a close we will begin replanting trees, flowers and a new vegetable garden for the pleasure of Gaura Radha-govinda and Giriraja.

If anyone would like to donate, our fundraiser is still active and there is a lot of remaining work to be done to get the ashram back to it’s original condition. You can visit the fundraiser page here:

Alternatively you can send PayPal donations directly to [email protected]

Thanks to those who have already given. We did not mention those who chose to give anonymously.

  • Judy Ellison
  • Laurel Ellison
  • Greta Procious
  • Syamasundara, Rupa Raghunatha and Gopinatha Aranya
  • Jagadishvara Dasa (James Newsom)
  • Dhiralalita Dasi (Dominique Amendola)
  • Amara Prabhu Dasa
  • Ekanath Dasa (Irving Muciño)
  • Waldo
  • Friends of Krishna Bhakti Ashram, Mexico
  • Ganesh Balakrishnan
  • Rohini Ramnarine
  • Luza Cuevas
  • Laura Leticia Chávez moreno
  • Ricardo Gomez
  • Maria Luisa Gonzalez Gomez
  • Maria T Bulle Ruiz
  • Luisa Gonzalez
  • Blanca Pardo
  • Vrinda Devi Dasi (Blanca Cuevas)
  • Rishab Sharma
  • Bhava Sandhi
  • Ross Whitmarsh
  • Rohini Ramnarine
  • Grigoriy Fooks
  • Caroline Povey
  • Kristin Cahill
  • Alex Boggess
  • Christopher Brown
  • Vasudeva, Ananga and Jyoti Gaida
  • Sumukhi Meffan
  • Kalki Dasa (Zach Martin)
  • Manjari Devi Dasi (Michelle Boggess)
  • Yogamaya Devi Dasi (Denisse Alejandra Uranga Zaragoza)

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