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Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram Writings

Pilgrimage With Swami Narasiṅgha – Part 6: Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Madana-mohana Temple

Continuing with our series,‘Pilgrimage with Swami Narasiṅgha,’ this week we go to the Madana-mohana Temple in Vṛndāvana and Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahārāja explains the history and importance of this holy place. This article was adapted from an essay written in 1994 and a class given in Vṛndāvana in 1996.

Bhāi Sahajiyā (Part Two)

The second part of Bhāi Sahajiyā was first published in Sajjana Toṣaṇī Vol. 20, issue 1. In this section, Śrīla Sarasvatī Ṭhākura continues to point out the defects of various sahajiyā groups. While some of his points are generic criticisms, he also seems to be taking a jab at particular unnamed persons or groups from that era who remain unknown to us. In some cases, we have included footnotes for the readers clarification.

Bhāi Sahajiyā (Part One)

This is the first part of a famous two-part article 'Bhāi Sahajiyā' written by Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura Prabhupāda which was first published in Sajjana Toṣaṇī, Vol. 19, Issue 11 in 1917. The article addresses the general sahajiyā community and their various kinds of deviancy, but Sarasvatī Ṭhākura writes it in the form of a letter to an individual whom he calls 'bhāi sahajiyā' (‘brother sahajiyā’). Sarasvatī Ṭhākura’s exposé of the peddlers of so-called ‘rasa’ is filled with scathing sarcasm and acts as a warning against cheap spiritual pursuits.

Vṛndāvane Bhajana (Worship in Vṛndāvana)

This Bengali poem, ‘Vṛndāvane Bhajana’ which was first published in Śrī Gauḍīya Patrikā, Vol.10, issues 9&10 in 1958 was written by Śrīla A.C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda while residing as a vānaprastha at the Vaṁśi-Gopāla Temple in Vṛndāvana. Śrīla Prabhupāda talks about the futility of family life, the ineffectiveness of jñāna, karma and yoga, the position of a true Vaiṣṇava and the importance of preaching over solitary bhajana.

Pilgrimage With Swami Narasiṅgha – Part 5: Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Ramaṇa Temple

Continuing with our series, ‘Pilgrimage with Swami Narasiṅgha’, this week we go to the famous Rādhā-Ramaṇa Temple in Śrī Vṛndāvana-dhāma where Mahārāja explains the origins of the Deity of Rādhā-Ramaṇa and some history of the temple. This article is adapted from a talk given in Vṛndāvana in 1996 and from two essays written by Mahārāja in 1994.

Frogs in the Well of Prejudice

In "Frogs in the Well of Prejudice' Kalki Dāsa shares a recent experience he had in Śrī Vṛndāvana-dhāma and asks the unusual question, “Are we humans, or are we frogs?” Are we doomed to continuously return to our deep, dark mental wells of prejudice, or is there a way out?

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